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Whiplash Injury – Which Pillow to Choose for Better Sleep?

After a whiplash injury, sleep deprivation and loss of quality sleep are commonly occurring phenomena. The patients can face these challenges due to the inflammation, pain, and discomfort caused by the injury. In this situation, the suffering of the patients will prolong and intensify, if they do not take measures, like using high-quality or medicated pillows. These pillows should optimally support the head, upper back, and cervical vertebrae. The hollow between your head, neck, and shoulders must be perfectly filled so that your spine has a comfortable, healthy, and natural posture.

Which Pillow to Choose for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep?

There are different types of pillows available in the market. Which pillow will be perfect for you is largely a personal matter, but your sleeping position is also an important factor? For example, people who sleep on their stomachs or on their backs more often choose a lower, softer pillow. While a side sleeper prefers a slightly higher and firmer pillow.

1. Down Pillows

A down pillow is filled with natural materials like feathers. It is particularly pleasant at high and low temperatures. The great thing about a down pillow is that you can shape it to your liking. Such pillows make the sleeping particularly comfortable. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to neck pain, choose a down pillow with compartments. You should choose a down pillow that is filled differently at the top and at the bottom, which will keep the feathers in place. Down pillows with raised edges can also provide good support for your neck.

2. Latex Pillows

A latex pillow provides active and constant support to the head, upper back and cervical vertebrae and naturally keeps them in balance. It is resistant, undeformable and always light. Additionally, the latex pillows are very flexible, which allows you to support your neck well in any position.

3. Synthetic Pillows

Pillows with synthetic padding are suitable for most sleepers. They are economical and their thickness can be adjusted by adding or removing layers. In addition to this, these are antiallergic and wash off easily. Just like down pillows, you can shape them however you like. In order to ensure a healthy posture of your neck, it is better to pay attention to the quality of the padding. Such pillows also have extraordinary resistance, which guarantees good support.

4. Viscose Pillows

Viscoelastic pillows or memory foam pillows hug the head and neck and have a pressure reducing effect. These pillows have a fixed shape and are also recommended for chronic neck pain or injuries, such as whiplash in the neck. The material forces you to stay in a certain position, which helps in the recovery of the cervical vertebrae.

5. Ergonomic or Orthopedic Pillows

Orthopedic pillows are particularly ergonomic and offer great neck support to patients throughout their sleep. Their specific shape gives extra support to your upper back and cervical vertebrae, so that your head can relax as much as possible at night. Some of orthopedic pillows have a removable neck strap and are zoned to properly support your head and neck in any sleeping position. Hence, ergonomic pillows significantly reduce pain and improve sleeping comfort after a whiplash injury.

Take a Moment to Think About Your Mattress and Box Spring

After finding the right pillow, you have to make sure that it works well with the mattress, and box spring to get a good night sleep. Think of your pillow, mattress and box spring as one sleeping system. Together, they should perfectly support your whole body. This combination, not only prolongs the life of your pillow, but also improves your sleeping comfort, especially after a whiplash injury.

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