shoulder impingement exercises to avoid

Never Do These 7 Exercises if You Have Shoulder Impingement.

Your shoulders, as the most mobile joint in your body, bear a lot of load during upper-body exercises and daily activities. They’re always working to keep your arms stable while you’re performing tasks such as lifting weights, carrying heavy groceries, or swimming. However, if you feel pain in your shoulders when you lift a weight overhead or while playing some sports such as tennis or swimming, it may be time to see your doctor. You may have shoulder impingement, which is treatable but requires close monitoring and possibly a few sessions with a physical therapist or a doctor. Muscle imbalances around the shoulder are almost always present in patients with shoulder impingement, resulting in abnormal biomechanics.

Meditation for back pain

Treating Chronic Back Pain with Meditation

When you suffer from chronic back pain, pain relievers are not always enough. Why not try meditation that is a proven non-drug method, because several scientific works have verified its benefits against stress or pain, and in particular, back pain. Meditation is an active attitude that implies the awakening of the senses. We learn to extract ourselves from our emotions and sensations to achieve, over time, inner peace.

Good Postures to Relieve Back Pain

Good Postures for Relieving Back Pain

Back pain is most often caused by poor posture, which leads to muscle contractures. This kind of pain can cause immense discomfort and can negatively disturb your everyday routines. Back pain is aggravated by stress and it is important to maintain a good posture, at work, and at play.